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ISO 17025 Calibration of Temperature Indicators

  • Isotech are able to calibrate the highest accuracy temperature indicators either by electrical simulation or as a system complete with thermometers
  • Popular Models calibrated include Isotech millik, TTI-22, TTI-7, Anton Paar MKT 50, ASL F100, F150, Comark C9006, 3006, Digitron 2029T, Dostmann P600, P650, P750, P795, Fluke 1502A, 1529, Kane-May KM22, Lab-facility Tempmaster, Hart Scientific Chub-E4, WIKA CTR3000, CTR2000
  • Uncertainties as low as 0.002°C
  • All work carried out in our UK ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory
  • Flexibility to calibrate sensors and systems that most other labs would not undertake
  • Special prices based on multiple thermometer calibrations
  • Many unique calibration techniques have been developed with customer’s, to provide ground breaking
    uncertainty levels for established instruments or those in the development stage providing priceless
    evaluation data


We are accredited by the UK accreditation body, UKAS to the International Standard, ISO 17025. Our certificates have international legal status.
Accredited for electrical and temperature measurements since 1986.

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