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Dry Blocks

ISO 17025 Calibration Dry Block Calibrators

  • Isotech are able to calibrate Dry Block Calibrators and Portable Liquid baths including the Isotech ranges, Ametek Jofra Dry Blocks, Additel 875 Series, Beamex FB Field Temperature Blocks, MB Metrology Temperature Blocks, Fluke Dry Well Calibrators, Field Metrology Wells and Metrology Wells
  • World leading Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC) for Dry Blocks, uncertainties as low as the following:
Metal block calibrators and Portable Liquid Baths
Temperature RangeUncertainty, k = 2
– 80°C to 0°C0.025°C
0°C to 156°C0.02°C
156°C to 3000.035°C
300°C to 420°C0.05°C
420°C to 660°C0.065°C
660°C to 1100°C 1.0°C
1100°C to 1300°C 3.0°C


We are accredited by the UK accreditation body, UKAS to the International Standard, ISO 17025. Our certificates have international legal status.
Accredited for electrical and temperature measurements since 1986.

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