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Isotech Catalogue: Vol 1

Solutions for Primary & Secondary Temperature Calibration Laboratories


Isotech Catalogues: Vol 2

Calibration Solutions for Industrial Temperature Sensors, Infrared Thermometers and Thermocouple Referencing Systems


Calibration Solutions for Industrial Sensors

Dry Blocks, Portable Liquid Baths, Precision Thermometers and Automation Solutions; from -100 °C to 1200 °C


Temperature Calibration Solutions Primary & Secondary

Temperature Calibration Solutions for Primary and Secondary Laboratories, Fixed Points, Instruments, Thermometers and Comparison Equipment


Product Guide: Temperature Calibration

Overview of Isotech’s Temperature Calibration Products and Services


Selection Guide: Industrial Calibration Equipment

A Guide to Industrial Temperature Calibration


Selection Guide: Stirred Liquid Baths

How to Select a Stirred Liquid Bath


Selection Guide: Thermometry Bridges and Precision Thermometers

A Guide to Thermometry Bridges & Precision Thermometers


Specialist Product Portfolio

Products developed during our research into thermal metrology problems, now available to researchers and those with specific requirements


Metrology Furnaces for ITS-90 Fixed point cells

Newly updated to bring in more convenience and ease of use.


milliK High Accuracy Temperature Measurement

Build complete high accuracy temperature measurement systems.



Pegasus-T Thermocouple Calibration Furnace

Designed specifically to calibrate short sensors at high temperatures


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