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Cal Notepad

Cal Notepad Software; Control, Monitor and Log from Equipment

Version 3.10

Use Cal NotePad to automatically log and display the temperature of an Isotech calibration bath together with the unit under test.


I-Cal Easy LOG

Remote Monitoring and Logging for Isotech Products – free of cost

I-cal EASY Automatic Calibration Software

2.01j (iv) 14 Feb 2022 requires milliK V3 Firmware

Use I-Cal Easy to automate sensor calibration, enter up to 20 calibration points


TTI-10 Driver

15 Sept 2010

Required for use with Cal Notepad.

milliK Precision Thermometer

milliK Firmware Update

SW 3.5.4/ FW 4.0.0 / Language File (Uploaded 7 Jan 2022)

Software update for the Isotech milliK Precision Thermometer.

RBC Resistance Bridge Calibrators

RBC Software

2.41 March 2018 (Improved DLL for F900)

The latest version of the code supports both the current automatic and manual models.


Review Lite

4.05 Uploaded 5th Jan 2015

This is a proprietary software package which allows the user to extract ‘archive’ data from one or more ADVANCED Dry Blocks and to present this data on a host computer, as if on a chart, or as a spreadsheet.

Setpoint Editor

Setpoint Programmer Editor for ADVANCED Units

V9-83 Uploaded September 2020

This allows set point programs to be created on a PC and uploaded to the ADVANCED models.

Isotech ADVANCED Block Configuration Utility

Isotech ADVANCED Block Configuration Utility

1.04 (Uploaded 30th July 15) 0.4Mb

This application makes it easy to adjust and set the various options such as sensor input types, units, resolution etc.

Isotech Model 96178

Icarus – ITS-90 Software for SPRTs

Version 1.0

Icarus is designed to calculate and display the relationship between resistance and temperature for Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers between the triple point of Hydrogen and the freezing point of Silver.