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Introducing the Model 786 and Model 787

Born from custom designs for the meticulous demands of the US Navy, these models carry a legacy of precision, reliability, and resilience. It is with great pride that we’ve evolved these designs, broadening their applications to cater to a wider market, while retaining the unmatched durability.

Key Features

Ruggedness : We are confident in our belief that these models are quite simply the world’s most rugged temperature calibrators.

Unparalleled Adaptability : The Model 786 distinguishes itself with its capability to operate seamlessly in colder environments, even in walk-in refrigerators.

Heritage : Building on the stringent demands and rigorous tests met by their predecessors for the Navy, the Model 786 and 787 have been refined to cater to a broader market without compromising on quality and provide an assurance of their unmatched robustness and precision.

We believe that the Model 786 and 787, set new standards for robustness and operating in extreme environments and will enable you to calibrate in new environments. Find out more here:

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