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The Model 787 calibrator redefines industry standards by blending industry leading performance and speed of operation within a robust design tailored for extreme conditions. The maximum operating temperature is 660°C allowing wide range of senor types to be calibrated to high temperatures.

Like its counterpart, the low-temperature Model 786, this unit was initially crafted for the rigorous demands of the US Navy, it conforms to stringent military standards, undergoing bench, bounce, and altitude testing. Encased in a high-impact resistance shell, its removable lid conveniently houses all the essential accessories. Other calibrators lack
the protection offered, for terrain, transit and storage the Model 787 is unrivalled.

Beyond its robust design, Model 787 is unparalleled in protection and functionality, offering unique reference channel input options, datalogging, and other advanced features.


Temperature Range*35°C to 660°C
Display Resolution0.01°C over whole range
Indicator Units°C, °F, K
InterfaceEthernet, USB Host
Accuracy: RTD Input Channel±0.05°C ±0.005% RDG
Accuracy: Thermocouple Input ChannelE,J,K,N: ±0.2°C @ 660°C
R: ±0.6°C S: ±0.7°C @ 660°C
T ±0.2°C @ 150°C
CJC Accuracy±0.35°C
Stability±0.03°C to ±0.05°C
Display Resolution0.01°C from -40.00°C to 99.99
0.1°C: 0.01°C over PC Interface
Indicator Units°C, °F, K
COMMON Specifications
Display Accuracy0.15°C
Radial Uniformity<0.08°C
Axial Uniformity<0.5°C
Heating Time35°C to 660°C in 30 minutes
Cooling Time660°C to 100°C in 90 minutes
Ingress ProtectionIP56
Storage Temperature-30°C to +71°C
Humidity0 to 90% (non-condensing)
Insert Dimensions25.4mm Diameter
x 152mm Deep
Insert Pockets4.50mm, 4.50mm, 6.50mm,
8.00mm, all 148mm deep,
M4 tapped hole for supplied
extractor tool.
Power110 or 230 Vac, 50/60Hz, 800 Watts
DimensionsHeight 350mm
Width 400mm
Depth 275mm
Weight (nominal)18kg


787 High Rugged Dry Block Calibrator

+35°C to +660°C

  • Fast, reliable, and accurate
  • Rugged, IP56, designed for use in harsh environments
  • High temperature operation to +660°C

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