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Isotech are here to help and advise you in finding the device you require for your industrial calibration needs. With 40 years’ experience in temperature calibration we understand the challenges faced by calibration professionals and can offer a wide range of solutions.

We offer unparalleled experience and world-leading calibration uncertainties in over 125 countries worldwide.

Included in our industrial calibration solutions are several different categories of industry-leading devices, including the ISOCAL-6, Fast Calibrators, Dry Blocks and Reference Probes. Our team of experts will guide you through the equipment selection process, ensuring the best solution for your needs.



-45°C to 250°C

Multi function Portable Temperature Calibrators, use as Dry Blocks or convert to a liquid bath, surface sensor calibrator, infrared thermometer calibration and even with ITS-90 fixed points.

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FAST Calibrators

-35°C to 650°C

When a temperature calibration application requires a “quick check” or involves smaller sensors, the Isotech range of Fast Calibrators are an ideal choice.

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Dry Blocks

-100°C to 1200°C

The Isotech 4000 Series Dry Blocks have many advanced features and offer a modern, practical design for both workshop or site calibration of temperature sensors.

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Reference Probes

-200°C to 1300°C

A range of platinum resistance thermometers and thermocouples ideal fur use as industrial standards.

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Which sectors do Isotech provide Industrial Calibration solutions to?

Over 4 decades of operation, we have provided calibration solutions to a huge variety of industries. Our international portfolio of clients ranges from the likes of Rolls Royce to the US Navy. Within the food industry, we offer solutions for cold storage system calibrating, providing efficient outcomes for suppliers and manufacturers of edible products.

On the other end of our client spectrum, we also work directly with leading companies within the pharmaceutical industry to provide regulated thermometers and data loggers.

At Isotech we calibrate devices to the smallest of uncertainties. This is incredibly important across all of the industries we operate in; the slightest inaccuracy could potentially cause an organisation to fail in meeting regulations or have an impact on the product they are developing.

Whatever your industrial calibration requirements, Isotech have a solution for you



Which device does my Industrial Calibration need require?

When guiding you through the selection process our team will consider a number of factors with their advice. This includes any features that you specifically require as a necessity from your industrial calibration device and the temperature range that you will be working with.

Should you require speed from your calibration and a device that is quick to stabilise temperatures ranging from -35°C to 140°C then the Isotech Fast-Cal could be the device for you.

Whereas if you require a device to calibrate oven sensors or other machines that work with high temperatures then one of our dry block calibrators might be more suited to your requirements. These devices operate in a temperature range of 35°C to 1200°C and can be provided with custom inserts to ensure the device exactly meets your needs.


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