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When a temperature calibration application requires a “quick check” or involves smaller sensors, the Isotech range of Fast Calibrators are an ideal choice. There are two handheld temperature calibrators “Quick Cal” covering -12°C to 350°C.

The Fast-Cal range have larger calibration volumes and greater accuracy and well suited to portable operation. The temperature range spans -35°C to 650°C. Fast-Cal models are widely used for validation of washer disinfectors, steam sterilisers and autoclaves.


Why choose Quick-Cal?

Dry Block Calibrators
  • Small enough to carry where ever you go
  • A handheld block with interchangeable insets
  • 25mm x 120mm or two 13mm pockets with interchangeable sleeves
  • Value with ease of use

Why Choose Fast-Cal?

FAST-CAL: Industrial Temperature Calibrators
  • Fast portable calibration
  • Standard insert or machined to your specification (25mm x 148mm)
  • Ease of use on site for all sensor types


Quick Cal High

Quick Cal High

35°C to 350°C

Product Spec
Quick Cal Low

Quick Cal Low

-12°C to 140°C

Product Spec
Fast-Cal Low

Fast-Cal Low

-35°C to 140°C

Product Spec
Fast-Cal Medium

Fast-Cal Medium

30°C to 350°C

Product Spec
Fast-Cal High

Fast-Cal High

35°C to 650°C

Product Spec



Fast Cal Basic
  • The thermometer under test is compared to the dry block controller value
  • Useful for moderate temperature ranges and quick testing
  • A control system with digital display shows the set and measured value from the calibration volume
  • Use with a separate external temperature indicator for higher accuracy


Fast Cal Complete
  • A thermometer under test is compared to a calibrated standard
  • In addition to the temperature control system with its display the Isotech COMPLETE model includes a separate temperature read and Standard (Reference) probe

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