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-100°C to 1200°C
Calibrate all sensor types

Isotech is the right choice if your lab is looking for high accuracy and low uncertainty. As a UKAS-accredited laboratory, Isotech ensures that accredited specifications are consistently met. Our devices are built to deliver certainty and reliability.

Temperature calibration is vital for accurate data logging and logging calibration processes. It ensures precision in data loggers and sensors, enabling reliable data traceability and compliance. Regular monitoring and recalibration maintain instrument accuracy over time, safeguarding the reliability of temperature data.

Temperature calibration also aids in data validation, ensuring accurate and trustworthy information.

Our temperature calibration devices are renowned worldwide for their exceptional quality and precision. We can help your organisation improve your temperature-controlled equipment’s accuracy, reliability, and efficiency, which can lead to reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for a reliable and accurate temperature calibration services for the data logging and logging calibration industries, Isotech is the right choice for you.



Isotech’s blackbody/infrared calibrators ensure the accuracy of thermal imaging devices used in the engineering and construction industries. These devices are used for the calibration of thermal imagers and infrared thermometers.

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Use I-Cal Easy for automated sensor calibration at multiple calibration points. Reduce costs by controlling the whole calibration process. Customise your certificates, include or calculate coefficients, and fit error curves effortlessly.

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Isotech Calibration Solutions

In the data logging industry, it is important to have precise temperature measurements. Regular calibration is necessary to ensure accuracy. Thankfully, Isotech provides temperature calibration solutions that have been accredited by UKAS and are dependable.

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Our relationship with Isotech spans from 2004, throughout this time they have provided quality solutions and invaluable knowledge that helped formulate the data logger calibration services we extend to our clients. In recent times we have switched to the marvelous milliK thermometer that enable us to perform uniformity studies on our test chambers and baths in compliance with ISO 17025

Jeremy Rouse, Managing Director, Wessex Power Technology

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milliK / Liquid Baths / Dry Blocks
milliK Precision Thermometer

milliK Precision Thermometer

-270°C to 1820°C

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Venus 4951

Venus 4951

-35°C to 140°C

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Orion Model 796

Orion Model 796

-80°C to 300°C, 470mm Immersion.

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