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ISO 17025 Calibration of Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers: SPRTs

  • Isotech are able to calibrate Primary Standard SPRTs such as Isotech 670SQ, Accumac AM1760, AM1850, AM1860, AM1880, AM1950, AM1960 Fluke 5681, 5683, 5684, 5698, 5699, Tinsley 5187SA, Leeds and Northrop 8163Q, 8167Q to world leading uncertainties with our Premium Service, Note 1
  • For Secondary SPRTs including Isotech 909, Rosemount 162CE, SDL Q25 Our Standard (Note 2) Service is available
  • Choose Isotech for world leading calibration uncertainties
  • Clear and simple certification – the uncertainty stated on the certificate is for the piece of equipment that has been calibrated.
  • Committed Service – if an SPRT requires annealing prior to calibration the customer will be consulted and the annealing will take place at no extra cost to the customer
  • All work carried out in our UK ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory
Premium Service Standard Service
mK, k = 2 mK, k = 2
Ar Argon -189.3442°C 0.5 BP Nitrogen*


Hg Mercury -38.8344°C 0.3 2
Wtp Water Triple Point 0.01°C 0.1 0.2 1 10
Ga Gallium  29.7646°C 0.2 1
In Indium 156.5985°C 1 1 2
Sn Tin 231.928°C 1 1 3 10
Zn Zinc 419.527°C 1.2 1.2 3.5 10
Al Aluminium  660.323°C 2 2 6 25
Ag Silver  961.78°C 7 40
* Suitable Quartz SPRTS can be calibrated at the Triple Point of Argon

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We are accredited by the UK accreditation body, UKAS to the International Standard, ISO 17025. Our certificates have international legal status.
Accredited for electrical and temperature measurements since 1986.

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