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Temperature calibration laboratories face a wide range of challenges, from finding appropriate temperature calibration equipment to accommodate the thermometers being calibrated and finding an efficient way to calibrate, ideally with automated temperature calibration.

The Secondary Temperature Laboratory

In the secondary laboratory, which will often be accredited to ISO 17025 (in the UK by UKAS) equipment is needed for the efficient calibration of thermometers, this will include equipment to be a source of temperature, sensors or thermometers to be used as temperature reference standards and Measuring Instruments. Then there may be ancillary requirements such as the means to verify the equipment in between calibration and to ease the process, for example automation software.

How Isotech Can Help

Our clients include primary temperature calibration laboratories, often National Metrology Institutes (NMI) who will use ITS-90 Fixed Points and those calibrating industrial temperature sensors with portable temperature calibrators such as dry blocks and portable liquid baths.

Find out more about Isotech’s proven solutions and professional laboratory equipment, such as Calibration Baths, Comparators and Calibration Furnaces, Standard Thermometers and Measuring Instruments

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