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Thursday 21st September was a very special day for Isothermal Technology, a day that everyone will always remember. The Queen’s official representative the Lord-Lieutenant, Mr Mark Blundell accompanied by the Deputy Lieutenant, Mr John Flamson OBE DL visited Isotech to formally present the Queen’s Award to John Tavener, Isotech Managing Director. Also present was the Clerk to the Lieutenancy of Merseyside Lieutenant Colonel JJV McEvoy.

John Tavener welcomed the dignitaries and briefed the visitors on the microK before introducing the Isotech team on a tour of Isotech’s office, factory and laboratories. Following the tour the Lord Lieutenant addressed the company and his speech included, “Her Majesty The Queen, in approving this Award, sends her congratulations and best wishes to all who have contributed to the outstanding work of the organisation.

The very innovative approach in the co-development of a new type of resistance bridge for use in the highest precision measurement applications and establishing and dissemination of the International Temperature Scale has set the Innovation bar at a very high level. For this you should feel justifiably proud. A remarkable example of a highly specialised product which has made your company a world leader in its field.”

Following that Deputy Lieutenant read the Grant of Appointment.

Elizabeth II, by the grace of god of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of our other realms and territories. Queen, defender of the faith to Isothermal Technology Limited, Isotech – Greeting.

We, recognising the outstanding achievement of the said winner, as demonstrated in the application of Innovation in our United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, our Channel Islands and our Island of Man.

And wishing to show our Royal favour, do hereby confer upon it, the Queens Award for Enterprise – Innovation for a period of five years from the 21st day of April 2017, until 20th day of April 2022.
We hereby give permission for the said award winner, during the five years of the currency of this, our award, to fly the authorised award flag and to display the award emblem in the manor authorised by our warrant of the 3rd day of April 2001 and to use and display in the manor prescribed in our said warrant the flags and emblems on any former Queens Award which it currently holds. Given at our court of Saint James under our Royal Signed Manual this 21st day of April 2017, in the 66th year of our reinElizabeth R

The Lord Lieutenant then presented John Tavener with the official scroll for the Grant of Appointment and a commemorative crystal bowl. The entire company, and all guests present were proud to receive this great honour recognising the skill and investment that has been jointly invested in the microK project.

Isotech Queen's Award

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