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The TRU 937 (Temperature Reference Unit) supplies a stable and accurate 0°C or elevated Reference Temperatures between 45°C and 70°C. It is a self-contained all solid state unit using peltier technology which provides maintenance free operation.

The TRU 937 features rapid cool down from high ambient temperatures and is stable within 10 minutes from switch on.

An alarm will be activated should the reference temperatures deviate by more than the user definable span. Thermocouple Reference Junctions are located in a reference block and connected to their marked input and output terminals in an isothermal enclosure. The uniform temperature throughout the enclosure ensures that no thermoelectric EMFs are generated at the terminals.

One advantage of the TRU 937 is that the user need not be concerned with the supply and installation of reference junctions since it is only necessary to connect the thermocouple compensation cables to the input terminals and the measuring instrument to the output terminals of the TRU 937.

There are two models, the TRU 937/50 with up to 50 junctions with a single terminal cover door, and the TRU 397/100 which has doors on the front and rear, as shown in the photograph.


Technical FeatureValue
Operating Temperature0°C (or 45° to 70°C)
Ambient Range2°C to 65°C
Stability±0.03°C, errors introduced by thermocouple loading can be removed by adjusting controller offset.
Stabilising Time10 minutes from 44°C
CapacityUp to 100 Double Junction Channels
Input/Output ConnectionsKlippon Terminals, type 1.5 AKZ
Alarm facilitiesNon-latching relay rated 5 Amps 240V
Power100 Watts typical 100-130 or 208-240 VAC 50/60Hz
DimensionsHeight 265mm Width 253mm Depth TRU 937/100 – 312mm. Depth TRU 937/50 – 230mm.
WeightTRU 937/100 – 11kg TRU 937/50 – 8kg
Accessories935-14-55 – Platinum Resistance Thermometer suits Block B2: Includes UKAS calibration at 0.01°C. 935-17-33 – Fan Filter-recommended for high dust environments.
How to orderTRU Model 937 – Normally uniquely specified for each order. Please discuss your exact requirements with us before ordering.


TRU Model 937

0°C to 70°C

The TRU 937 (Temperature Reference Unit) supplies a stable and accurate 0°C or elevated Reference Temperatures between 45°C and 70°C.

  • Up to 100 Channels
  • Compact, Pre Wired Thermocouples
  • Operates in High Ambients

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