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Whilst heat pipe furnaces offer the ideal environment to melt and freeze ITS-90 Fixed Points the temperature range is limited by fluid that flows inside the pipe. Three zone furnaces can offer wider operating ranges and still meet the requirements for “Optimal Realization of the Defining Points of the ITS-90…” CCT/2000-13. In place of a heat pipe the 17703 Medium Temperature furnace uses top and bottom guard heaters to minimise temperature gradients.

The Model 17703 Furnace can be used with Indium, Tin, Zinc and Aluminium Cells. The substantial furnace core is machined from aluminium bronze.

New Features

The furnace has been upgraded to benefit from the latest technology. Fitted with a crystal clear colour display the furnace is now fully programmable. Programs can be created for the furnace to switch between set temperatures, for example to bring the furnace to the melt or freeze temperature at a desired time, or to lower the furnace temperature after a predetermined time. The PID control parameters are now dynamically optimised at different temperatures optimizing furnace stability. An Ethernet interface allows the furnace temperature to be monitored across a network whilst a USB Interface allows programs to be copied or for the furnace heat up and cool down history to be exported.

Technical FeatureValue
Temperature Range50°C to 700°C
Uncertainty<1mK (with cells)
Control0.1°C Resolution
CommunicationsIncluded as standard
Power3kW, 108-130 or 208-240Vac, 50/60Hz
Core Size54.7mm x 420mm
DimensionsHeight 960mm, Width 600mm, Depth 560mm, Weight 115kg
Accessories420-02-18 – Aluminium Bronze Equalising Block, 824-01-00 Fan Assembly (to cool the thermometer handle), 411-01-11B Annealing Adaptor
How to orderITL-M-17703 Medium Temperature Furnace. Please specify the voltage required.

Medium Temperature Furnace

50°C to 700°C

The Medium Temperature Furnace is of a three-zone design. In addition to the main temperature controlled-zone, there are guard heaters at the top and bottom of the block.

  • Wide Operating Range
  • Three Zone Control
  • Long Plateau Length

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