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Since 1995 Isotech have been producing various designs of special Au/Pt, Pt/Pd, Pd/Au thermocouples for researchers. From our experience we can now offer the most popular of these, the Pt/Au thermocouple in a standard form.

All wires are 99.999+% pure and are fully annealed according to the recommendations of McLaren. Assembly also follows his prescriptions which have never been bettered.

After final assembly and annealing the Pt/Au thermocouples will conform to IEC 62460, Edition 1 2008-07.

For the smallest uncertainties we calibrate the thermocouple at the Zinc, Aluminium and Silver Fixed Points.


Technical FeatureValue
Temperature Range0°C to 1000°C
Sheath Materials Measuring JunctionQuartz
Reference JunctionStainless Steel
Thermo-element purities:
Platinum99.999% pure
Gold99.999% pure
Calibration optionsIsotech traceable calibration at Zinc, Aluminium and silver fixed points. NPL: Fixed Point Calibration: Calibrated at fixed points of Zn, Al and Ag (UKAS)
Uncertainty0-400°C ±0.07°C. 400-1000°C ±0.05°C
DimensionsRefer to diagram
Carrying CaseIncluded as standard
How to orderModel type: Au/Pt Thermocouple. Including emf vs. temperature traceable calibration certificate and carrying case.


Gold / Platinum Thermocouple

0°C to 1000°C.

The most popular of the special thermocouples Isotech makes for researchers

  • Pure Metal Construction: 99.999% Gold and Platinum
  • Best Homogeneity
  • Economic Alternative to HTSPRTs

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