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milliK Software Update

A new software upgrade allows logged data to be reviewed directly in the milliK. There is a choice of single and multiple channel display views with statistical data from previous log files.

Since the launch in 2012 there have been several software upgrades that further enhance the instrument and are available free of cost.

Download Firmware Update:

The Isotech milliK

The milliK is a very high accuracy bench thermometer that supports Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers, Industrial Resistance Thermometers, Thermocouples, Thermistors, and Current Transmitters. With accuracy as low as 0.003⁰C at 0⁰C, the instrument has an industry-leading performance. It has three input channels and is easily expandable.



The milliK bench thermometer has a built-in logger that is easy to use, can store a lifetime of data, and can easily export the logged data to Excel.

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