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Isotech use the latest computer-aided design & computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software for the in-house manufacture of Dry Block Inserts and custom machined calibration blocks

Dry Block Insert Design

One of the many values that Isotech brings is our ability to design and manufacture special inserts to suit our portable calibrators. Other manufacturers may offer a choice of inserts, and we do too. Additionally, we are able to design and manufacture custom inserts to meet calibration requirements.

Our ability to offer custom inserts to our blocks and baths adds value to our equipment and takes a headache away from a calibration engineer.


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Metal Block Bath

It is important that probes fit correctly into inserts, Euramet Technical Guide 13 states, “at most 0.5 mm larger than the outside diameter of the thermometer to be calibrated”. We can machine inserts to your requirements and at the recommended depth for the particular product. Isotech Dry Block are anodised or plated for extra protection. Just send us a simple sketch or list of probes required to fit the special insert and we will design the perfect special insert for your use.

Insert Drawing

Our 3D CAD designers will produce the design and drawings for your approval before manufacture in our in-house machine shop.

CAD Design of Calibration Blocks

Determine hole diameters, the number of holes, and hole depths, ensure there is sufficient clearance for your probes, typically 0.2 to 0.5mm but this may depend on the tolerance of your probes. Note with all special inserts performance is unknown and may vary from our published specifications. The maximum hole size will vary with the number of pockets and the model type, the minimum size we offer for custom drilling is 3mm.

Example of a Custom Calibration Block

When designing an insert allow for a minimum of 3mm wall around each hole as shown in the sketch (shaded). The outer edge of each hole should be 3mm away from the outer diameter of the insert.

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