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Today we are celebrating World Metrology Day which is an annual celebration that takes place on the anniversary of the “Metre Convention”. It dates back to 1875 when a framework for worldwide uniformity of measurement was first established.

The World Metrology Day is organised by the BIPM and OIML with this year’s theme being “Measurement for Health”. Read their messages at World Metrology Day.

The theme was chosen to draw attention to the importance of measurement for the protection of health, which at this time is more important than ever.

For those of us working in the industry, it can be easy to forget how essential metrology is, and what we all do ultimately protects human life. Good metrology is also the basis for protection of our world with climate and emission measurements, it is vital for product quality and safety, efficient operating and manufacturing, not least in pharmaceutical manufacture and health care.

Isotech are proud to be metrologists, to be working in the science of measurement and playing a part in the sometimes overlooked and undervalued industry. So, to our NMIs, mentors, colleagues and clients we say “Happy World Metrology Day!”.

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