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This is the most important conference for primary temperature metrology taking place every three years, when the world’s leading temperature experts meet.

We are excited to be attending TEMPMEKO 2019 next month, June 10th – 13th. We will have an exhibition stand and will be talking about our brand new Dual Heat Pipe Thermocouple Homogeneity Scanner and presenting a poster with an update to our Argon Triple Point System.

We are delighted that Paul Bramley will be with us again, with the latest version of the worlds’ first practical Johnson Noise Thermometer, JNT.

The first showing of the JNT took place in Zakopane, Poland at TEMPMEKO 2016. Since then Paul has further developed the JNT and we are thrilled to have it with us at TEMPMEKO 2019 in Chengdu, China. It is strictly under wraps until then!

Please do come along and say Hello!

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