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At Isotech, we are committed to delivering the highest quality solutions for your temperature measurement and calibration needs. We’re excited to spotlight our range of Semi-Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRTs). What is a PRT?

Semi-Standard PRTs: Your Solution for Precise Temperature Measurement

Our Semi-Standard PRTs are designed to provide precise and accurate temperature measurements with outstanding stability whilst good value and easy to handle. Constructed with the utmost care to ensure exceptional performance, these PRTs are suitable for both laboratory and field use and can cover a temperature range from -200°C to 670°C. Semi-Standard PRTs

Stability You Can Trust

With Isotech’s Semi-Standard PRTs, you can rest assured that your temperature readings will be accurate. With calibration uncertainties as low as 0.01°C per year at 0°C, our PRTs offer superior reliability and stability. 

A Selection Tailored to Your Needs

Our Semi-Standard PRTs come in a range of models, with a choice of length, diameter and temperature range. All feature handmade wire wound platinum elements, and undergo our propriety thermal processing to give outstanding results. 

Wide Applications

Our Semi-Standard PRTs can be used for both precision temperature measurement and as reference standards in Dry Blocks and Liquid Baths, our Semi – Standards are more affordable and robust compared our Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers, SPRTs

Matching Instruments

We have the TTI-10 handheld thermometers, when combined with our PRTs and ISO 17025 calibration uncertainties are 0.02°C from -50°C to 200°C and 0.04°C to 420°C. Our milliK Bench Thermometer offers superior performance, system uncertainties can be found here milliK: Complete Measuring Systems Brochure

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