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TTI-10 brings laboratory level performance of up to 10mK (0.01°C) and resolution up to 0.001°C in a portable handheld instrument. Battery life is typically 20 hours from a 9V PP3 battery and a protective rubber boot offers protection in field use.

The instrument can capture the minimum, maximum and average values over up to 4000 measurements with a logging rate selectable in the range of 1 second to 30 minutes.

The TTI-10 has an easy to use “learning calibration mode” that allows the TTI-10 to be system calibrated with a Platinum Resistance Thermometer simply by comparing it to a calibrated standard thermometer, no need to calculate coefficients or data, simply enter the reference probe temperature or temperatures and the TTI-10 does the work for you.

A USB interface allows connection to Isotech Cal Notepad software with its charting and logging features.

TTI-10 supports Isotech Semi Standard Platinum Resistance probes with system uncertainties (probe and instrument) as low as 20mK. We recommend the 935-14-61 and 935-14-16 probes detailed below and have special calibration deals available. Other probes and ranges are available, refer to Semi Standards – Platinum Resistance Thermometers


Technical Feature Value
Input Channels Two: 100 Ohm PRT EN 60751 (Pt100) Four Wire
Range -200°C to +850°C
Units °C, °F and Ohms
Resolution 0.001°C from -199-999°C to +199.99°C remaining range 0.01°C
Accuracy: Instrument Only ±0.012°C from -80°C to 199.99°C.±0.02°C ±0.0015% RDG from 200°C to 660°C
Logging Record Average, Min and Max over 4000 measurements.
Measuring Interval Adjustable: 1 second to 30 minutes.
PC Interface USB – Cable Included
Connectors High Quality Latching Metal: Lemo:
Working Temperature 0°C to +40°C
Display 2-line LCD Display Single Channel or Dual Channels simultaneously.
Housing Plastic (ABS) supplied with protective rubber boot.
Weight 300g
Power Supply 9V battery PP3 (or via USB Cable)
Battery Life Typically 20 Hours
Dimensions 200 x 85 x 40 mm (LxWxH)


TTI-10 High Accuracy Handheld Thermometer

-200°C to 850°C

TTI-10 brings laboratory level performance of up to 10mK (0.01°C) and resolution up to 0.001°C in a portable handheld instrument.

  • High Accuracy Handheld Thermometer
  • High Resolution, to 0.001°C
  • Perfect Standard for use with Isocal-6, Fast-Cal & Dry Blocks

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