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The most used temperature for calibration is 0°C.

The normal way of creating 0°C is via a mixture of ice and water in a Dewar Flask.

However, this can give errors of up to 4°C because water is densest at 4°C and so as the ice melts the temperatures at the bottom of the flask can rise to 4°C.

In the design of the ice flask offered by Isothermal Technology Ltd., these problems have been eliminated by stirring the water/ice mixture and segregating the ice from the water in the measuring zone.

This stirred ice/water bath is designed and built according to National Laboratory recommendations.

Using demineralised water, accuracies of ±0.005K are obtainable. Typically the bath will last for 4 hours before recharging with ice.

The ice is contained around and below the compartment where up to 4 probes can be placed for calibration or referencing purposes.

An option permits a water triple point cell to be maintained within the stirred ice bath.


Technical FeatureValue
Accuracy using demineralised water0°C at ±0.005K
Capacity8 litres (approx.)
Depth of Immersion350mm
Accuracy using comparison techniques±0.001°C
Power50 Watts, 108-130 or 208-240Vac 50/60Hz
DimensionsHeight 580mm, Width 420mm (including handle), Depth 250mm, Weight 15kgs
Options814/01B Copper Equalising Block, 814/02 Mercury Thermometer Support Kit, 814-06-02 Small Water Triple Point Cell Kit, 814-06-04 Large Water Triple Point Cell Kit.
How to order813 Stirred Ice Bath. Please specify voltage required.


Stirred Ice Bath Model 813

Simple Stirred Ice/Water Bath, 0°C

The most used temperature for calibration is 0°C.

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