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The Isotech Mercury Cell Model is constructed in a rugged, sealed stainless steel enclosure allowing the triple point of -38.8344°C to be realized both easily and safely.

Total Confidence

The embodiment of the Mercury Triple Point Cell was originally developed in the US with a very close cooperation between Henry Sostmann and Dr. Furukawa of N. B. S. (now NIST) over twenty years ago. The physical size, materials and metal purity are identical to this original design. The Mercury is distilled four times leaving impurities of 10 to 15 parts per billion. The cells made by Isotech still use the original design, purity and supplier of Mercury.

In international intercomparisons the cells made by Isotech have always been within the National Laboratories uncertainty of calibration and with over 20 years of successful use throughout the world the cell embodies the finest traditions of production and use.

After more than 20 years Dr. Furukawa opened some of the original cells and the Mercury was still above 99.99995% pure. A reflection of the long term performance of the design.


Technical FeatureValue
Metal Purity>99.99999 7N
Outside Diameter40mm
Inside Diameter8mm
Total Height475mm
Metal Depth200mm
Uncertainty*0.22mK (we have a choice of UKAS Calibration services, the stated uncertainty figures is for our Premium UKAS Calibration Services.
How to orderITL-M-17724 Mercury Cell. The cell is supplied with a certificate of metal purity.


Mercury Triple Point Cell

Mercury Triple Point: -38.8344°C

The Isotech Mercury Cell Model 17724 is constructed in a rugged, sealed stainless steel enclosure allowing the triple point of -38.8344°C to be realised both easily and safely.

  • Uncertainty 0.000220°C
  • Rugged Stainless Steel Construction
  • 7N Pure

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