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Dry Blocks are the most widely used device to calibrate thermocouples, resistance thermometers and other types of temperature sensors. Their ability to maintain stable temperature environments and adapt to various sensor sizes makes them a preferred choice across industries.

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Dry Block Calibrators are indispensable in providing accurate, efficient, and convenient calibration for a wide range of temperature sensors.

The Isotech Range

Isotech's Fastcal & Quickcal Calibrators

Fast Temperature Calibrators (Quick-Cal & Fast-Cal Series): Ideal for on-site applications, these calibrators offer a blend of portability and precision. The Quick-Cal range, compact and lightweight, is suited for less demanding applications, whereas the Fast-Cal series provides a more comprehensive solution with higher temperature capabilities and rugged design.

Multi-function Temperature Calibrators (ISOCAL-6 Series)

Multi-function Temperature Calibrators (ISOCAL-6 Series): These award-winning calibrators are a testament to Isotech’s commitment to versatility. The ISOCAL-6 models – Europa, Venus, Calisto, Hyperion, and Drago – offer functionalities ranging from Dry Block, Liquid Bath, to Blackbody Source. They are adaptable to calibrate all sensor types within the range of -45°C to 250°C.

High Temperature Calibrators (Gemini, Jupiter, Pegasus)

High Temperature Calibrators (Gemini, Jupiter, Pegasus): For applications requiring higher temperature calibrations, these calibrators are unparalleled. Gemini caters to large sensors up to 700°C, Jupiter is ideal for fast calibration up to 660°C, and Pegasus specializes in high-temperature thermocouple calibration up to 1200°C.

Rugged Calibrators (Model's 786 and 787)

Rugged Calibrators (Model’s 786 and 787): Set new standards for robustness and operating in extreme conditions and will enable you to calibrate in new environments, use Model 786 in walk-in cold rooms, even as low as -29°C!

Large Volume Calibrators (Oceanus, Medusa)

Large Volume Calibrators (Oceanus, Medusa): These are designed for sensors requiring deep immersion and offer extensive calibration volumes. They are also compatible with ITS-90 Fixed Point Cells, reinforcing their role in high-accuracy calibrations.


Each of these categories is designed with Isotech’s hallmark of quality, reliability, and innovation. Whether your focus is on industrial sensor calibration, laboratory precision, or portable devices for field use, Isotech offers a solution tailored to your needs.



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