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The Isotech Hyperion R Blackbody Source was first introduced in the early 1990’s with the matching Gemini R Source (to 550°C). Since that time, we have produced a large number which are in use around the world. There have been several updates over the years introducing new features. 

Now, in November 2020, we are widening the temperature range from -10°C to 80°C to -20°C to 125°C. The high emissivity of the Hyperion R makes it ideal for the calibration of a wide range of infrared thermometers. 

Earlier this year we introduced a new Gallium Cell that simply fits inside the Hyperion R at the end of the cavity. Intended for researchers, it allows the Hyperion R to melt the Gallium and to provide a stable plateau at 29.7646°C with a typical duration time of five hours. 

Hyperion R 

High Emissivity 0.995

50mm x 150mm Cavity 

PC Interface

Proven Operation

For full details please of this blackbody source please visit the Hyperion R Product Page

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