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Lower Calibration Uncertainties

We offer two levels of SPRT calibration at two different prices: Premium (Note 1) for the best Quartz Sheathed Primary SPRTs and Standard (Note 2) for the majority of Secondary and Working SPRTs.

We have been able to lower the uncertainty of our Standard (Note 2) service from 10 mK at the Aluminium Point to just 6 mK.

The good news now is that both our Model 909 SPRT and clients with suitable SPRTs can benefit from this lower uncertainty.

This was made possible by demonstrating to UKAS, with historical data, that the secondary SPRTs which we calibrate are capable of this level of performance. We are also expecting an improvement at -196°C, Liquid Nitrogen. This will decrease our uncertainties from 10 mK to 5 mK – we are just waiting the official sign off from UKAS.

Our Premium (Note 2) Service, has lower still lower uncertainties, just 2 mK at the Aluminium Point. Our full schedule has all the details: UKAS Schedule

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