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Our colleagues in Germany, Klasmeier Kalibrier- und Messtechnik, are continually expanding their ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. For many years they have operated Isotech Slim Cell ITS-90 Fixed Points before upgrading to the ISOTowers. ISOTowers combine the ITS-90 Fixed Point with a heat siphon forming a ‘siphonic cell’ and feature an ‘Immersion Compensator’ to compensate for stem conductance problems. The resulting calibration solution is a desktop device, capable of the smallest of calibration uncertainties for SPRTs; rather than a large expensive furnace housing a fragile cell.
After gaining DAkkS accreditation Klasmeier are now providing an unrivalled service in Germany for the calibration of SPRTs and IPRTs.

Isotech Slim Cell Setup:


The More Recent ISOTower Facility:


Metrology Furnaces to the Silver Point 


 All Equipment is Fully Automated:

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