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Temperature Controls gain ISO 17025 Accrediation

At Isotech, we’ve been providing temperature calibration equipment to the world’s leading laboratories for over 40 years. Successfully delivering and installing complete calibration solutions to various industries across several continents.

In 2021 Temperature Controls Australia were accredited by the national Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) for their temperature calibration laboratory. When a laboratory is given NATA accreditation it certifies that the methods and equipment used in this laboratory produce reliable technical results. Isotech would like to congratulate Temperature controls and their Managing Director Philip Lonsdale on this great achievement, one that is thoroughly deserved.

In the temperature calibration market having equipment in laboratories that produces reliable technical results is crucial. Temperature Controls NATA accreditation is also a proud moment for us at Isotech, as Temperature Controls have been Isotech distributers in Austraila for over 20 years. The below image shows several pieces of Isotech equipment in Temperature Controls laboratory:

Using the equipment shown in this image and Laboratory Manager Mick Durakovic’s procedures the Temperature Controls laboratory achieved NATA accreditation for the calibration of RTD (resistance) sensors over the range of -50 to + 150°C with uncertainties at 0°C of ±0.01°C and ±0.05°C for the remainder of range.

Temperature Controls receiving NATA accreditation offers a slight insight into why we have been named Export Champions by the Department for International Trades 5 years in a row. At Isotech we work with many of the World’s leading laboratories and look forward to seeing laboratories such as Temperature Controls expand in the future.

At Isotech we are here to help, nothing fills us with pride more than seeing our clients achieve success. If your business would benefit from support with temperature and calibration equipment, laboratory installations or international exports, let us know how we can assist.

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