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35th anniversary of the founding of Klasmeier

At Isotech, we’ve been providing temperature calibration equipment to the world’s leading laboratories for over 40 years. Successfully delivering and installing complete calibration solutions to various industries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. One of our strengths is in forming partnerships with partners in different parts of the world.

One such company that we have had a long-standing relationship with is Klasmeier. A medium-sized family company based in Fulda who are the best for temperature in Germany. Founded by Peter Klasmeier to sell Isotech equipment in November 1986 and now ran by qualified engineer Thomas Klasmeier. Their world-class temperature laboratory has a full range of fixed temperature points from -189 ° C to 961 ° C and comparison equipment from -196 ° C to 1200 ° C. The laboratory has accreditation to ISO 17025 issuing internationally recognised DAkkS calibration certificates and has established many first and unique points in Germany.

On November 3rd Klasmeier celebrates their 35th anniversary of the founding of Klasmeier. A partnership of which we are all proud of, and we continue to learn from each other. Fay Tavener, comments “We warmly congratulate all at Klasmeier, we have had enjoyed this successful 35-year relationship, that has served Germany so well. We know that our clients in Germany benefit from outstanding expertise and support. It is with relationships like this that Isotech has been able to help people all around the world. We would also congratulate Klasmeier on having established such a strong calibration laboratory. We are proud to see our products being put to such good use.”

Klasmeier’s laboratory is of world class standard, equipped with wide range of Isotech’s industry leading calibration products. Our long-standing relationship with a company of Klasmeier’s standing shows why the Department for International trade have named Isotech Export Champions for five years in a row. Thomas Klasmeier commented on our relationship “I would like to thank Isotech very much for the excellent cooperation and the great success over the last 35 years. Isotech have been our most important and reliable supplier over the last 35 years. Without the special expertise of Isotech we would not have been able to establish the most accurate temperature calibration laboratory in Germany.” We want to continue to develop relationships with world leading laboratories such as Klasmeier in the future.

At Isotech we can help your laboratory achieve the most accurate results and become one of the world’s leading laboratories. If your business would benefit from support with temperature and calibration equipment, laboratory installations or international exports. Let us know how we can assist.

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