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How to Calibrate Between 300°C and 700°C

Why Focus on 300°C to 700°C?
The higher temperature range of 300°C to 700°C is pivotal for various industrial and scientific applications, including chemical reactions, heat treatment, and material testing. However, Stirred Oil Baths can be ideal for high accuracy but have a temperature limit of approximately 300°C, necessitating the need for alternative equipment types suitable for higher temperature ranges.


Dry Blocks

Devices such as the Isotech 4000 Series Dry Block Calibrator are designed for use up to 700°C. This makes them particularly suitable for calibrating shorter industrial sensors either on-site or in portable applications, offering versatility and convenience for users.

Fluidized Calibration Baths

Safe Operation to 700°C 
In laboratory settings, Fluidized Baths present a viable option, providing both significant immersion depth and safe operation. Fluidized Baths operate using a dry, inert powder as the medium, offering a safer alternative to the potentially hazardous salt baths.

Fluidised Furnace Model 875

Fixed Point Calibration

Utilising fixed points, such as the freezing points of zinc (419.527°C) and aluminium (660.323°C), provides high-accuracy calibration. Isotech have primary standards and more affordable bench top apparatus.


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Calibrating instruments within the 300°C to 700°C range is critical for applications requiring high precision in higher temperature control. By employing the right techniques and equipment, such as those offered by Isotech, and adhering to best practices, organizations can ensure their temperature measurements are accurate and reliable.

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