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Introductory Video to Model 459 Cryostat

Our latest introductory video introduces the Model 459 Cryostat – take a look to see how we can calibrate in the range -80°C to -180°C

In addition to the cryostat, we have other solutions for low temperature calibration

Calibration at -196°C
Liquid Nitrogen has a boiling point of about -195.8°C, it is relatively easy to obtain and allows thermometers to be calibrated by comparison. Liquid Nitrogen can be added to a suitable calibrator to provide the “cooling” and thermometers under test can be compared to a calibrated standard.

Nitrogen Boiling Point Apparatus

Stirred Liquid Baths
Stirred liquid baths can be used to calibrate at low temperatures, but they cannot cool to as low as -195.8°C, most baths are limited to around -80°C.

Parallel Tube Liquid Bath Libra Model 785 03

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