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Congratulations to ISOLAB who recently celebrated 25 years of excellence in providing calibration services.

Isolab’s accreditation includes temperature, over the range -55 to 333 °C with CMCs as low as 11 mK. Today, among all the other commercial laboratories in Singapore, ISOLAB is one of the best and has the lowest temperature measurement uncertainty achieved by a commercial laboratory next to Singapore’s National Metrology Centre (NMC). The system calibration and measurement (CMC) of ISOLAB can be as low as 11 mK.

ISOLAB rely on Isotech equipment; from fixed point cells, bridges, thermometers to calibration baths. ISOLAB is a subsidiary of ACEZ Instruments Pte Ltd who are one of our most valued and long-standing partners. We have more than 30 years’ experience of working together.

Isotech was delighted to join the recent celebration which featured a full technical presentation – well done to all, we offer our warmest congratulations.

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