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In a recent publication, the International Journal of Metrology, Cal Lab Magazine, unveiled a comprehensive article titled, “How to Calibrate Thermometry Bridges: Ensuring Accurate Temperature Measurements”. This essential piece is now available for readers both online at Cal Lab Mag and in our Technical Library.

The article addresses the significance of thermometry bridges in the realm of temperature measurement, specifically in the interpolation of the Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer (SPRT) as outlined by the ITS-90. With the critical nature of accurate temperature measurements, especially in sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, and scientific research, ensuring the precision of these thermometry bridges is of paramount importance.

The article provides an overview of its historical context, shedding light on the evolution of calibration techniques over the years.

A significant highlight of the piece is the introduction of the Resistance Bridge Calibrator (RBC). This novel solution, masterminded by Rod White at MSL New Zealand, offers a streamlined approach to thermometry bridge calibration, ensuring enhanced precision and reliability.

Professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts in the field of metrology are encouraged to explore the article to gain a deeper understanding of thermometry bridges and their calibration.

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