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At Isotech we strive to provide the best products and services for all calibration and temperature needs, we are constantly evolving in line with advancements in technology.

Automatic temperature calibration has become a prominent need as the calibration industry expands and workload increases.

Calibrating temperature sensors can require a lot of time waiting for the calibration sources to heat up and cool down, automatic temperature calibration alleviates this costly time requirement in the temperature calibration process using software such as I-Cal EASY allowing the calibration to run unattended. In addition to taking measurements unattended our software can turn the raw data into certificates, print tables, and calculate coefficients.

Automatic Temperature calibration

Simplifying Calibration

Configuring your calibration test is very simple. You just need to set a few parameters including: 

•             Number of test points 

•             The stability criteria for the reference temperature data 

•             The set-point values 

•             Logging Interval 

•             Bath, or block, parking temperature 

The software will do all the rest of the work for you, setting the block to the correct temperatures and recording data values. You could sit and watch, and that’s what you’ll probably do for a while. Then you’ll realise that you could be doing something much more useful instead. 

In addition to interfacing calibration equipment and data collection, once the calibration is complete, the I-Cal EASY Builder enables you to turn raw calibration data into calibration information of the following types: 

•             Callender Van Dusen coefficients 

•             ITS-90 coefficients 

•             Thermocouple correction coefficients 

•             Polynomial regression coefficients 

and create PDF calibration certificates that comply with the most rigorous of standards.

Automatic temperature calibration creates a seamless operation with advanced technology such as the I-Cal EASY. Tried and tested, and constantly evolving, I-Cal EASY is simply the best temperature calibration software there is.

Watch our video to find out more about automatic temperature calibration and the I-Cal EASY.

In addition, we also have a new white paper to download, “Automation of Temperature Calibration”.


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