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40 Years of Isotech

Isotech was founded on the 27th November 1980 with the single aim of supplying thermocouple reference units to the power industry.

Quickly recognising a gap in the market for effective temperature calibration equipment, the company set about to design and build their own solutions to calibrate their equipment which grew to cover all temperature calibration needs.

With an excellent reputation for their products, performance and quality, they have successfully delivered and installed many complete laboratories across Europe, Asia and the Americas and boast an enviable client base including Panasonic and U.S. government agency NASA.

Driven to produce high quality, evolving products to meet the needs of today’s customers, Isotech has developed a number of award winning and innovative products including: the ISOTower ITS-90 Fixed Points, microK Thermometry Bridges, the milliK Precision Thermometer and ISOCAL-6, a multi-function calibrator providing Dry Block, Liquid Bath, Surface Sensors, Blackbody and Fixed Point calibration.

A proud moment came in when the microK Thermometry Bridge (jointly engineered with Paul Bramley (Metrosol Ltd) went on to win the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2017. In 2019 they were awarded Export Champion for the third year running (Department for International Trade).

Queens Award for Enterprise

Some of Isotech’s innovative Water Triple Point Cell original designs date back to the 1940’s when they were developed by Jim Cross of the Jarrett Instrument Company.

Orion Liquid Bath in Use

Isotech’s success and longevity can be attributed to a number of factors – an entrepreneurial mindset, a team of experts, ever-evolving products and the strong partnerships that have been forged over the years.

Isotech have been pioneering the latest developments in Temperature Metrology for 40 years and continue to develop the best temperature standards used by top calibration facilities – our clients range from sole traders to the largest National Metrology Institutes.


With an unsurpassed drive to continue to bring new innovations to market, Isotech will continue to invest in new product development and plans are well underway to extend into new factory space to support further growth.

Isotech provides solutions for all calibration needs, from primary laboratories wishing to maintain national standards, to field engineers calibrating industrial sensors on site.

Isotech exports to over 126 countries through a 90 strong worldwide network of sales agents.

Did you know?

Temperature is the second most widely measured parameter, the first being time.

Temperature Measurement is vital to:

  • Protect Human Life
  • Ensure Quality
  • Efficient Operating
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacture
  • Environmental Science
  • Facilitate Global Trade

Isotech have Temperature Calibration Solutions for:

  • Primary Temperature Laboratories
  • ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratories
  • Industrial Temperature Sensor Calibration
  • Infrared Thermometer Calibration
  •  Thermocouple Referencing
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