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ITS-90 Fixed Points

Practical Limitations of ITS-90 From Mercury Triple Point to the Silver Freeze Point

The paper investigates the properties of thirty four lots of 6N pure metal used to make cells conforming to ITS-90 from mercury through silver over a period of twenty years.
ITS-90 Fixed Points

Metal Clad Fixed Point Cells for the ITS-90

This paper presents the results from over 160 fixed point cells in quartz or metal clad which show that after proper preparation metal clad cells have similar performance to quartz clad cells.
ITS-90 Fixed Points

Slim Cells: An International Comparison

Analysis and Comparisons of Isotech's Slim ITS-90 Fixed Points.
ITS-90 Fixed Points

The Gallium Point, An Alternative Reference Temperature to the Water Triple Point

Considering the ITS-90 Gallium Point.
ITS-90 Fixed Points

An Optimal Gallium Cell – Interoperability Between a Cell Made In England and Intercompared at NIST, to it’s Reference Cell

An Open Gallium Cell of a design dating from 1973 and purity 99.999999% and made in England has been inter-compared with NIST’s reference Gallium Cell.
ITS-90 Fixed Points

A Technical Guide and Standard Practice for Realizing the Melting Point of Gallium

Different methods to realize the melting point of gallium for the calibration of thermometers.
ITS-90 Fixed Points

Assembling a Silver ITS-90 Fixed Point Cell Ready For The Furnace

Pictorial guide showing the assembly and testing of a cell as it is placed into a furnace.
ITS-90 Fixed Points

Stem Conduction And Light Piping in ITS-90 Fixed Point Cell Assemblies at a UKAS Laboratory

Experiences in Calibrating SPRTs at NTPL
ITS-90 Fixed Points

ISOTowers: Improvements Relating to the Calibration of Thermometers

In Isothermal Towers the fixed point cell and heat pipe (or heat siphon) have been combined to produce the ideal realisations for calibrating standard thermometers.
ITS-90 Fixed Points

Introducing ISOTowers

Integrated bench top apparatus for calibrating SPRTs and IPRTs with uncertainties to 0.0007°C.

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